Corporate social responsibility

At HeatherTex, We believe in our employees are our most precious asset thus we are creating a positive and safe work environment , ethical treatment of our employees and gender equity

Enriching Worker’s Lives

Our Employees form our company core, they are our internal customer and we are working for their satisfaction through different programs as they are given the opportunity to continue their education while working, continuous personnel development through training programs and clear future chance for growth opportunity

Considering that we create a majority of our products for women, we are intensely dedicated to promoting the empowerment of women. Our initiative in cultivating women’s empowerment stems from within and out of the workplace. Within the workplace, we strive in offering opportunities in employment and education.

Also, HeatherTex are celebrating their birthdays and supporting their marriage expenses plus affording schooling for their kids

Improving our Energy Management

Company has an environmental agreements with Recycling companies that daily collect the material wastes and recycle in ECO friendly methods. Materials include Cartons – cones – fabric cut waste – plastic substances.

Priority in importing Raw material from near countries to participate in the global orientation towards reducing carbon emission.
Participating in governmental programs to reduce the energy consumption and depend on natural sources such as SOLAR Energy in heating water.
All Lighting units are LED units and ECO friendly.
Reduction of raw material and waste