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Investment Terms Glossary

venture capital glossary
The act outlaws misrepresentation, manipulation, and other abusive practices in the issuance of securities. It provides for full disclosure of pertinent venture capital glossary information relating to the new issue and also contains antifraud provisions. Public securities that are not freely tradable due to SEC regulations.
venture capital glossary

Startup Glossary

Costs associated with the use of resources that a firm may already own. Unsecured bonds issued by firms with maturity less than 15 years. A cash flow in nominal terms, or an expected cash flow that includes the effects of inflation . A set of projects where only one of the set can be accepted by a firm. An inventory valuation method where the cost of goods sold is based upon the cost of material bought towards the end of the period, resulting in inventory costs that closely approximate current costs.
Suggest an accelerator program, an angel investor group or a grant directed to women entrepreneurs. A distinctive name, symbol, motto or emblem that identifies a product, service or firm that has been legally registered as the property of the firm. Trademarks grant the owner the right to prevent competitors from using similar marks in selling or advertising. An enterprise that is owned by a single individual who earns all the profits and assumes all the losses. A type of savings fund in which deposits are made regularly to be used later for a specific purpose, such as purchasing equipment or buildings. The federal law that established the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Venture Capital Glossary

All debts that are not current liabilities, that is, debts that are not due until at least one calendar year in the future. Startups need to research industry averages to better budget their finances. A low turnover rate is acceptable for high-price goods, but low low-price goods and consumables must generally turnover much more quickly. Non-physical assets such as trademarks, patents, a customer base, and brand recognition. venture capital glossary Total sales not reduced by customer discounts, returns, allowances or other adjustments. An intangible but salable asset, such as reputation or location of a business, that engenders the expectation of continued customer or client patronage if the business is sold to a potential buyer. A brief synopsis at the beginning of a business plan or business document that highlights key facts, issues, and conclusions.
Like a forward contract, it is an agreement to buy or sell an underlying asset at a specified time in the future. However, it differs from a forward because it is usually traded, requires daily settlement of differences and has no default risk. Risk that affects one or a few firms, Btcoin TOPS 34000$ and is thus risk that can be diversified away in a portfolio. Bonds issued in the local currency but offered in foreign markets. Measure of deviation of actual cash flows from expected cash flows. Portfolios that yield the highest expected return for each level of risk .
The total return from the previous trading day to the selected date. The total return from the beginning of the month selected to the date selected. The percentage that the firm has invested out of the whole sample. A company whose acquisition has been announced, but has not yet officially closed. The percent of the total capitalization for the selected criteria. The distinct count of firms at the round date that meet the selected criteria. The value of the fund after accounting for unrealized gains/losses, general partner fees and carried interest.
In this situation there would not be an acquiring company or target company. The companies’ median average age at IPO for the selected criteria. The point at which 75% of all returns in a group are greater and 25% are lower. Companies are classified by VEIC codes which are the Venture Economics Industry Codes. Indicates whether or not a company currently is or in the past has been in the PVCI. The annual return from the beginning of the year selected to the date selected. The annual return from the beginning of the quarter selected to the date selected.
Investors and users should consult with licensed legal professionals and investment advisors for any legal, tax, insurance, or investment advice. An analysis of all the facts and figures of a potential investment.
venture capital glossary
Unsecured bonds issued by firms with a maturity greater than 15 years. Risk that the cash flows on projects will vary from expectations because of actions taken by competitors.
The annual return from the previous trading day to the selected date. The annual return from the beginning of the month selected to the date selected. The amount of money the selected criteria has raised to the date selected. The consultants who advise the Limited Partners on their alternative investments.
venture capital glossary
Sometimes, pre-sales take place before products have been produced or finalized. Program that offers advice for companies that have not yet entered an accelerator. Benefits or delayed payments offered by a company in order to prevent an employee’s departure. The final Btc to USD Bonus stage in the investment process, where legal documents are signed and an investment becomes official. The difference between the purchase price and selling price of a given asset. The interest accrued on a debt or asset since the most recent interest payment was made.

How To Speak With Investors, A Vc Glossary

Asset created when companies pay more in taxes than the taxes they report in the financial venture capital glossary statements. Risk that a promised cash flow on a bond or loan will not be delivered.
An option that ceases to exist if the underlying asset reaches a certain price. Specifies the relationship between changes in exchange rates and differences in nominal interest rates in two countries. A government bond that guarantees a real interest rate, rather than a nominal rate. Costs associated with the perception that a firm may go bankrupt – lost sales, drop in employee morale, tighter supplier credit�. Bond on which interest payments are due only if the firm has positive earnings. company closes its stock transfer books and makes up a list of the shareholders.

  • The largest part of the investor’s assets is in safe, liquid investments that provide a good return.
  • Exit Strategy– A fund’s intended method for liquidating its holdings while achieving the maximum possible return.
  • Then some money is invested in stocks and bonds that provide good income and the possibility for a long–term growth capital.
  • It is called a pyramid because most of the money is at the bottom in the lower returning but safer investments and the smallest amount of money is invested at the top it the most risky but higher paying investments.
  • At the top only a small amount of money is committed to high risk ventures that have a slight chance of success, but which will provide substantial rewards if they succeed.
  • Next, a smaller portion is committed to speculative investments which may offer higher returns if they work out.

Equity Financing

the revenue from selling a good or service is recognized in the period in which the good is sold or the service is performed . A corresponding effort is made on the expense side to match expenses Binance blocks Users to revenues. A work or invention that is the result of creativity, such as a manuscript or a design, to which one has rights and for which one may apply for a patent, copyrgith, trademark, etc.

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